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The Homestay Experience



23rd of June, 2013


Nepal '13

Travel Journal

We have been living in the home stays for 3 days now, and the experience is a once in a life time opportunity! The first night was very interesting and a small challenge to say the least. The whole family, including some of the extended family, came to the house to meet us. It was a little overwhelming for all of them to be speaking Nepali to each other and trying to speak it to us but we do not understand 99% of what they are saying. There is one person in my house that knows how to speak English very well. His name is Arun. He is trying to teach Madeleine and me some Nepali words. Their whole family just laughs at our pronunciation, and since it is so hard to remember the words, they laugh when we forget them. I think one of the biggest compliments that we have gotten in the house was when Arun told Madeleine and me that the Grandma talks to us like we are family. He says that she does not normally speak to their guests like this, but she thinks that we are now like family to them and so she speaks to us and treats us like family!! Another very cute moment is when the little girl around the age of 5-6 and the little boy around the age of 2-3 plays with us. It does not matter to them or to us that there is a language barrier. We can play for hours and just continue to laugh and laugh and have a wonderful time!! Their smiles are so cute and I love being able to come home after a long day of rewarding work at the Hope Home and see my wonderful host family!!



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