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Shoulder to Shoulder with Common Ground Relief


29th of June, 2022


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New Orleans'22

This morning we woke up ridiculously early to plant in the marsh.😩 We made our way over to the house next door, which is the Common Ground Relief headquarters. We made breakfast, which was cereal and toast.😋 We were out of milk so some of us decided to eat their cereal with hot coffee.☕️🚗 Suffice to say, they didn’t like it. Next we packed our bags and jumped into the car to go to the marsh. The marsh was about an hour and a half away, so we chatted and listened to some music. 🥳When we got to the marsh we were by the Common Ground Relief dog, Avita and the other volunteers. 👏 The directors of common ground Josh and Charlotte instructed us on how to plant bull rush, a marsh grass. 🌱We were ferried out to the islands to plant the bull rush in pairs along the coast. It was really muddy, so most of us walked on our knees so we wouldn’t sink. 🥽 We broke for lunch on the docks and headed home in our marshy clothes. We went back home, showered, and hung out for a few hours before heading to dinner. 😴We met outside and talked about the qualities of a good leader together. 🧐We headed to a part of the Bywater Area of the 9th Ward for pizza. 🤤After that, we dropped by a convenience store for groceries and snacks for the room. When we got home, we packed our lunches and played games in the common ground headquarters. Goodnight. 😴



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