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The Panama Crew

30th of June, 2023


Panama I

What is a memory that you bring with you home?

I enjoyed the afternoon swims next to the hotel and I learned that there is a type of apple called “marañon”.
I loved seeing the reefs and the fish but my favorite part was going back to the centers and developing my relationships with the kids.
I liked immersing myself in a different culture and learning about the coral reef restorations
I loved how once I would show a kid a new hand game, within the next few minutes every kid would be singing and playing the new games they just learned.
This place is very special, and I’m so happy I was able to come again. I’m going to miss the kids so much, and them yelling, “¡Princesa, Princesa!”
I really enjoyed learning about Panama and exploring my new surroundings, especially with the bat cave and snorkeling, but my favorite part was getting to know all the kids and being a part of their lives
I loved when I entered the center and all the kids would get so excited to play, run, scream, and jump throughout the whole afternoon.
I liked visiting the “la loma” farm and trying all the plants and eventually eating them in the lunch they made for us.
I liked it when the kids in the San Cristobal Center were playing soccer, they would always be excited when I showed them new tricks.
I’ll always remember giving a friendship bracelet to a little girl from Basti and she wore it every day after that.
I’ll never forget how the kids would pronounce my name whenever I’d show up at the community center.



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