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Catching sights of the Himalayas



04th of July, 2022


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Nepal '22

Today was our second day trekking in Nepal. It was the hardest day because of all the uphills but also the most rewarding. As all of us pushed ourselves on and on as the trail winded through the trees, you could still hear the heavy breathing amongst us. The Everest view point was the only thing keeping me going; knowing that I was going to be able to see the tallest peak in the world was an incredible feeling. Then we finally reached the view point anddd, no Everest, only clouds for miles. Of course it was sad not being able to see Everest but the hike was still amazing. As we continued past that point I wondered if we would see Everest at any other point. The pictures I had seen of Everest flashing through my brain. Finally coming up upon our final destination for the day, I saw beautiful mountains, skyrocketing up. It was an amazing sight. The Himalayas were beautiful, the snowy peaks illuminated even more as the sun hit them. After that we took endless pictures, capturing all of the moments as the clouds disappeared. That was absolutely one of the best experiences of my life!



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