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SStS Kenya: 2016 – The Adventure Continues!


Bob Bandoni (executive director)

23rd of June, 2016


Kenya '16

SStS Kenya: 2016 gathered in Houston, the gateway city, to begin the first steps of becoming a team.  It’s a good-looking crew, especially after rounds of UNO and other ice-breakers in an extended stay, waiting for their plane to arrive.  Group orientation continues on flights to London and through to Nairobi.

For all of you who might be figuring basic travel math, indeed our group’s connection in London is tight.  We have researched every detail, with SStS’s travel agent and directly with British air, to ensure that we have clear A, B, and C plans.

BA assures us that we will make the connection.  Bags have been marked accordingly – to get them to the Nairobi flight.  That flight is now scheduled to leave from the same terminal as the one at which they are landing.  All details are favorable.

We always have a plan B, which has been agreed upon by BA.  They pay for our overnight accommodations, we witness Brexit(!), and we are on another flight the next morning.

Plan C?  Oh, yes, we have that as well.  Flights going through other cities – not the best, but doable.

Global Citizens, if anything, are patient!



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