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Learning About KACH



04th of August, 2019


Kenya Running '19

Today we continued with our training by doing speed work. Our Kenyan coach Abel created a challenging workout for us to do on the dirt roads thoughhout the Kithoko community. It was a tough workout of timed intervals at race pace or “fartlek.”

We jogged back to Tiriji Ecocenter as a group and enjoyed a healthy breakfast of toast, watermelon, and “mandazi” which is like a Kenyan pancake. Our group was then invited to join the IPI monthly staff meeting – each project manager reported out on news and challenges, so we learned about the permaculture project here at Tiriji, where all our fruits and vegetables are grown; and we learned about the many vocational training programs at KACH such as catering, textile weaving, hair styling. There are so many activities that support and grow KACH- whether helping to sustain the children’s program or giving older KACH kids and locals the skilled training they need for their own future and independence.

After lunch At 12:30, we had our own Kenya Running team meeting to read about and engage in a discussion of all aspects of Kenya (political, cultural, economic, geographic, ethical). We were lucky to have Felix and Abel with us to help with questions we asked, further deepening our understanding of Kenyan culture and society.

We then headed out in the van to do a hike to two waterfalls. The hike itself was probably less than a mile, but the views of the waterfalls were great and the steep hills provided a good evening workout. It was also great to have Felix, Coach Abel and Faith from KACH hiking with us. We stopped in Meru town to do some shopping at Tusky’s General Store (a supermarket +department store, sort of like Target) for gifts for our upcoming homestays. It was interesting to see the busy city shopping environment compared to our rural farming community at KACH and Tiriji.

The KACH kids are on school break so many of them were visiting Tiriji when we got “home” so we were able to spend some time with them, chatting and playing games. We enjoyed another traditional Kenyan dinner of rice, lentils, oranges, and fresh avocado.



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