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Final Preparations


Andrew and Sam

21st of July, 2022


Costa Rica Sea Turtles

Throughout our time together on this journey, we have learned about ourselves, each other, and ways to positively impact our environment. Today, we started the morning by eating pancakes and fruit to give us the energy necessary for the day. After our nutritious breakfast, we went to pick up our friend, Edgar, before we went to the local school (UPDATE: as I am writing this I have been informed that we will be designing and writing thank you cards after journal time. Needless to say, we’re very excited). After we picked up Edgar and made it to the school, we worked for a few hours and planted 71 trees. After the trees were planted, Andrew, Grace, and Sal interviewed Edgar, asking him about his experiences with reforestation. Edgar taught us a lot about how we can spread awareness about reforestation, and how we can protect ecosystems as well. During our time at the school, we also learned a lot about the children, even though there was a language barrier. However, Angel and Jesus helped communicate with the children, and we had a great time. After our time at the school, we dropped off Edgar and proceeded back to the house for lunch. We ate guacamole, rice, and salad. After lunch, we drove to the hatchery at Costa d’Oro and finished our work thereby adding support wood to the walls. Finally, we finished the hatchery and went back on the bus for dinner. We ate BBQ wings and rice at the house and got prepared for the night patrol. However, due to lightning, the patrol was canceled. Now, we are going to do some arts and crafts, thank you!



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