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Fencing the Hatchery


19th of July, 2022


Costa Rica Sea Turtles

Travel Journal

Greetings from Costa Rica! 

Last night, the group that went on turtle patrol found two turtles. Unfortunately, one of the turtles was a dead male turtle who had washed up on shore. However, the other turtle was a female who dug a nest and laid 109 eggs! These eggs were also the first batch to be put directly into the San Miguel hatchery. It was finally ready, with the grid laid down.

Today we got to head over to Costa de Oro and continue our work on the hatchery there. We dug thirty centimeter deep trenches that we would bury the fencing that went around the hatchery. Once the trenches were finished we put the fence into it and nailed into the poles that were already in the ground. We had three teams at this point. One team went around nailing the fence into the poles, one team buried the fence after it had been nailed into the poles, and the last team went around patching holes in the fence as it was reused from the hatchery at San Miguel beach. It is so important that we reuse any materials that we have so that we don’t have to buy new ones and because Costa Rica doesn’t have the best trash and recycling systems. After our work at Costa de Oro ended we headed home and ate lunch before leaving again to go on a hike. The hike that we went on was led by a local and took us to a swim spot in the river of a waterfall. After the waterfall we headed back home and all talked while we waited for dinner. We are currently waiting for the next night patrol group to leave. Hopefully they find many more turtles!



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