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Experiencing New Orleans



24th of June, 2018


New Orleans '18

Today was our first full day in NOLA. We did a LOT of activities today, but all were worth it. We started the day by cooking some breakfast at Common Ground Relief. We then exposed ourselves to the real New Orleans. We started with a Catholic Gospel Mass at St. Augustine Church. It was truly a great experience. We then proceeded to go to the #2 museum in the world, the Louisiana WWII Museum. We explored the artifacts, the stories, and even a few students met a veteran. We really enjoyed our visit. The Music Festival was really fun, and we had the chance to try some delicious seafood at the festival. Next, we got to explore the French Quarter. We got to see many shops and restaurants. We next proceeded to Krishna. Krishna is one of the best experiences I have had so far. We had great food and really put ourselves out there. We explored their religion. It was fascinating. I think we all had fun as well. Overall it was great day in NOLA, and we made some new memories.



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