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Day 6 – Until We Meet Again


Jorge and Holt

26th of July, 2022


Dartmouth '22

Good evening from Round the Bend! Today was such a wonderful day on the farm, everyone woke up late as a result of late night star gazing. Jorge, Sydney, and Celia started their day by helping Nate with concrete mixing and helping fill hexagonal shape frames for the cement. As for myself and the rest of the crew, we were tasked with planning out the day and helping out Nate. Around 10ish, everyone huddled together in the classroom as our leaders (Fer and JS) were about to announce our itinerary of the day which was simple. We just had to clean up and get ready to head out.
Jorge and Sydney would be on lunch duty with Nate and Lauren, and the rest of the crew would start to pack up the tents and write thank you notes to all of the RTB members. When lunchtime arrived it was a mix of previous leftovers of last night’s party pizza and lasagna, but boy, oh boy how I wished we could’ve tried Jorge’s and Sydney’s fajitas, I guess that will be sometime in the future. After lunch, the whole crew decided to take a break and head for Moon rock to chill and hang out, after a while G Man (Gustavo) and Jane made their way to the rock and Jorge fell asleep in the strangest position I’ve ever seen. I felt bad for him as we had to wake him up and head back to the classroom because Nate had some activities for us before dinner time approached.
For dinner, we had naan and Indian food. Benoit (a team member here) made his Monday night dinner, and it was absolutely delicious. All of us headed in and got seconds! After dinner, we met back in the classroom and wrote about our time here. We answered four prompts and reflected upon this wonderful week. After that, we wrote down a vision board centered around the synergy of the farm. Once we finished, we had earned our s’mores! We gathered around the campfire and just had time to talk together. We cracked up and told stories, truly absorbing as much time together as possible. After a couple of s’mores, our dear friend Fer had to leave. He has a 6:00 AM flight and had to move to an airport hotel. As he packed up, all of us teared up and huddled up. We promised to see each other soon and meet in Mexico for Fer’s graduation. All of us teared up a bit and it saddens us to know that we will be leaving each other soon. We genuinely are going to miss Round the Bend farm and everyone here. Who knew that 8 people could become so close in just 8 days?



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