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The Well-Oiled Machine


20th of July, 2022


Dartmouth '22


I woke up at 8 am and had some breakfast with the group. Some of them had woken up a bit earlier than me, but there was no rush to start the day. After breakfast, we all went on a tour of the farm and ended up on top of a huge boulder where indigenous groups used to have meetings. We laid up there for a bit while we waited for Josh to move the cows into their new pasture. The way they moved the cows here was much more calm than at my own farm. The beef cows here are very calm, and there’s not a big group of them, plus they are a lot smaller than my own cows. At my farm, we used to have huge groups of very large dairy cows, and it was always a big deal when we had to move them. But here, the cows just kind of flowed into their new area with no problems. That kind of flow seems to be a key element here on the farm. We learned about the cycle of everything, and how everything they do here has a purpose. Every plant, animal, and person has a job that creates a well oiled machine. Later in the day we got to meet a writer who helped us do consciousness exercises. We had to write down everything we saw, heard, felt, and smelled around us. It was a great opportunity to just pause and fully experience everything around us. After that, we all headed down to the beach to cool off after spending all day in the heat. When we came back from the beach, we met Nate’s partner, Nichole, who led us in a “sound bath.” We all got to lie down and listen to her meditation and music. Overall, it was a very long day of learning and relaxing.



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