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Another Busy Day


Celia R

23rd of July, 2022


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Hello from Round the Bend Farm; we had another very busy day today! This morning brought bananas (big news) and a new team leader (Vivian). After everyone had woken up, gotten ready, and had breakfast, we had time to hang out and journal. Sydney, Fernando, and Jorge helped out with the cement project from yesterday. When ten o’clock rolled around, Olivia, John Stephen, and Holt headed in for kitchen duty while Vivian and Celia headed out to the East side property of RTB, where they were soon joined by the construction crew to harvest cucumbers and squash. After a quick break of fresh raspberries, they switched to picking rocks. Today was a lot hotter and sunnier compared to yesterday’s misty weather, so everyone was excited to head back in for lunch.

Olivia, JS, and Holt had made quite the spread, including kale salad with garbanzo and cauliflower, roasted garlic stems, mashed potatoes, and some delicious summer squash bread. After lunch, we got to meet Desa, one of the farm founders. She shared stories of her amazing experiences and we were able to ask her questions, too. The rest of the RTB team left in the afternoon for a group excursion, so our crew picked up some of the mulching we left off yesterday. When our task was complete, we all had time to relax and hang out (or get lost for an hour on a walk looking for bones, if you’re Sydney and Fer). 

Before dinner, we headed out to Davoll’s, the oldest general store in the county that’s just down the road. Once we had our goodies, we headed back for a dinner of summer squash lasagna and a fresh salad. After dinner, we went on a silent walk to Moon Rock and reflected on what we heard earlier from Desa and what it means to be a good leader. We also got to see the goats at Moon Rock. We finished the night off with some ice cream and hope you do the same. Goodnight from everyone here! 



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