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Daily Life in Dora



03rd of July, 2019


Tibet '19

After three days of working in Dora, seven students planted 300+/- trees. The trees will help prevent erosion, will provide wood, and will make the area even more beautiful. It was very satisfying to leave the worksite and see all our progress. We had a lovely lunch then went to play basketball. Basketball was really fun. We got to play with some of the local kids. Tenpa told us they were university students home on summer break. That made Luke, Henry, and Chesley feel better about their losses. They started winning though after Kevin joined the team! We all played for quite a few games then some of us went to play with the younger kids that were there to join the fun. After we got cleaned up – our first showers in a week – Tenpa’s wide taught us how to make momos. She showed us three different ways to fold them. None of us could do the special folds! It was very satisfying to eat food we helped to make. After a satisfying meal, we all started to pack up as we leave for Yolongshi tomorrow. We are very excited to explore a new place and meet more Tibetans.



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