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Pure Joy



05th of July, 2019


Panama '19

Travel Journal

Today was our last day at San Cristóbal. Two of our leaders let us have a last hurrah with the kids. They provided us with a piñata. The second we got off the boat with the piñata all of the kids started rushing to the community center. It was a really special moment being able to see how happy all the kids were over it. We continued the day as normal. We played, hiked, and read with the kids. As the end of the day was near, one of our instructors brought out the piñata. All eight of the San Cristóbal group members had to have all hands on deck. We started by lining all of the kids up into multiple lines. Then Taylor tied up the piñata to the ceiling and wall. All of the kids were getting eager for candy. We handed the first kid in line the piñata stick. All of them had one chance to hit it. We had passed about 10 different children before the piñata was opened. The pure joy in each kids eyes was a moment I will never forget. The kids were all so gracious for the candy. As the group was walking out of the center, a little girl named Susan came up to me and told me that the piñata was the highlight of her week. Even though my time at San Cristóbal was short, it really meant the world to me.



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