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A Different Perspective


Crow T

03rd of July, 2019


Panama '19

Travel Journal

Working in the community center for the past couple of days has definitely been a change from the active soccer games, piggy back rides and tag that were ever present in the first week of working with the kids. It has taken some getting used to, but having my leg contained in a cast has enabled me to interact with different kids and focus my energy into one on one learning experiences. Today in the center I was working on mazes with a couple of the kids when a little boy named Jovanny asked to read a book to me. This book just so happened to be 65 pages long, with English and Spanish writing, but the story flew by and in no time we were grabbing another book off the shelf. Half way through the second book Jovanny told me that his throat was getting sore pronouncing all of the non-familiar words, but we worked together alternating sentences to finish the book. After reading a total of 97 pages we began to work on a puzzle with some of the other kids on the floor. Before I knew it it was time to leave and Jovanny stood up and reached out his hand to help me up. Jovanny’s extended hand symbolized all of the amazing connections we have made with these kids and the love they have showed us for our short time on this welcoming island.



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