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4th of July



05th of July, 2019


New Orleans '19

Lukas – Happy 4th of July! Today was our day of exploration and recovery after 2 hard days of work with the Greater New Orleans Iris Society. We started the day with an adventure to Bourbon Street. From there, we drove to “The Fly,” the local city park, where we picnicked and played a sweaty amateur game of ultimate frisbee. We then went to the sculpture museum and art museum of New Orleans. Following an arduous day in the city, we returned to our house and were welcomed by some well-deserved air conditioning. In my opinion, the most meaningful part of the day followed. Some local kids, probably elementary age, knocked on our door and politely asked for us to get their whiffle ball that went into our back yard. It took us a while to find the ball, so we had good conversation with the local kids. We gave them ice cold water and popsicles, and they seemed really appreciative. We haven’t had many interactions with the immediate lower 9th ward community, but they have all been positive and inspiring. It was really cool for me to see these local kids and how happy they were to see us.



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