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Iris Rescue and Reflections on Basketball


Reid and Jefferson

02nd of July, 2019


New Orleans '19

Reid – My favorite part of the day was when we replanted the irises. This was my favorite because it was our first hard work experience. Since I signed up for this trip, I’ve been waiting to go into the swamp and get some real work in. I was sad to find out that that the marshes we were going to were overflowed. This is why I was so happy about today. We spent half the day removing irises from the side of the road. We spent the other half of the day replanting the plants to a safe area. At first, it was very tiring and very hard to move. But once you got used to it, you started to have fun. It was very hard work, but it felt really rewarding. No matter how muddy we got, seeing all the work we had done was the best feeling.

Jefferson – Hey everyone, its Jefferson. (I miss u Chi Chi.) I saw something very heartwarming today. Today, we wanted to play basketball. To be honest, I was scared to be playing in the streets of the Lower Ninth Ward. I’ve read several articles that showed all the violence that took place here. We found a hoop on the street, and a really nice man said we could play with it. We started playing for a solid thirty minutes, however, we were using a deflated volleyball. We couldn’t even dribble it. After some time, the same man came back and gave us an actual basketball. We started to play, and it was the most fun part of the day. Not only was I like Zion on the court, but I also realized that the Lower Ninth Ward isn’t as mean or violent as the articles say it to be.



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