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Island Culture



09th of July, 2016


Cambodia '16

Today was a great day due to the fact that we were able to go to the Buddhist temple. We were able to participate with the villagers and provide food to the monks there. After this, we were then blessed by the monks. They got a bucket of water and splashed us  all as a way to cleanse us and bless us. While the monk poured water on us he was quoting works normally used for this situation. This was a very fun experience and an unforgettable experience.

Later on today, we were invited to the village party. The food provided to us was amazing, something I’m sure we’ll all miss. After we devoured the food, we danced with the children there, everyone had a great time at the party. We also played a few games that were really cool and fun to play. We couldn’t have asked for a better time.



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