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Andrew G

21st of July, 2023


Panama II

Uncomfortable. I know some would like me to sugar coat it and market this trip in a way so that more people will come, but this trip was uncomfortable. While uncomfortable might seem like a weird way to describe this trip, I’d like to bring up something Neil Christansen (founder of Give + Surf) mentioned when he spoke to our group. He said that we should be comfortable being uncomfortable – that from discomfort comes change. We cannot and will not change unless something is pushing us to do so. Stepping out of your comfort zone is what leads you to new experiences that can change you and shape your future self. If I eat the same meal everyday and don’t try anything else I will never know if I like something else. I want people to understand that it is ok to be uncomfortable. We need discomfort in our lives or we die the same way we started with no progress.

Highlights of this trip for me would probably be our daily trips to Cristobal. Seeing my little buddy Leonel barreling down the path to greet us brings so much joy as I prepare for him to inevitably jump on me. Today I had the opportunity to interact with this little girl who wanted me to draw her a butterfly (despite Laura being the expert in drawing). She loved the drawing so much she wanted to show all her friends. Lastly just chilling out on the balcony watching some kids just messing around with no care in the world as to who was there or what was happening.



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