Thankful To Experience Both

Thankful To Experience Both



08th of July, 2018

Travel Journal

Cambodia '18

Today we woke up to air conditioned rooms and the sound of our alarm clocks instead of roosters for the first time in a week. After a good night’s sleep we were ready to embark upon a new journey; this time to the home of the Angkor Wat temples: Siem Reap! The feeling of being back in the city after a week of complete serenity on the island of Koh Preah is strange. The sounds of dogs barking and chickens squawking are replaced with the grooming of tuk tuks and horns blaring in the crazy traffic. Instead of twinkling stars packed closely in the dark night sky are neon lights lighting up the city. It’s impossible to tell which is better, but I’m definitely thankful to have experienced both.

After a long bus ride and ferry ride, we finally arrived in the lively city. Following a delicious dinner with Khmer food we were treated with traditional massages. Later we headed to the night market located in the busy streets.



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