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Shouting for Joy


Tommy, Ellen, and Brian

01st of July, 2018


Peru '18

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text letter_spacing=””]Today the group continued their acclimatization, spent time planning environmental education lessons, and toured Urubamba. They are settling in well and looking forward to beginning our work in the mountains tomorrow with a trip to the Llama Pack Project’s pasture. You’ll hear from everyone in the group over the course of the next few weeks but below is a quick reflection from Tommy, today’s journaler, about an informal soccer game that occured when we returned to the Llama Pack House:

Today, as I was playing futbol with 6 year old Borja and Berenice, both as cute as can be, I realized even though I can hardly communicate words to them, I can communicate emotions. This struck me as Berenice scored a goal, and a smile lit up on both of our faces at once. She then ran to me, we clasped hands together, and danced in a circle shouting for joy; an American with a little Peruvian girl. Humanity has a way of bringing together the most unlikely of companions, despite cultural barriers and miles of geographic separation.

Please also enjoy the photos attached from our resident photographer Julia!




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