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Rain Date: Tomorrow


Sophie, Eleanor, Jackson

29th of June, 2017


New Orleans '17

Today it rained for most of the day. We drove a hour and 15 min to get to the boat launch at Lake Maurepas, but ended up not being able to work due to the weather. Instead we went to Mr. Steve’s house to unload the plants that we were suppose to use. Mr. Steve is one of the people who we were suppose to plant with. He taught us about tree and woodwork. We drove back to Common Ground Relief and when we returned the rain had stopped so we helped Thom weed the garden in the back yard of the Common Ground houses. For dinner we had grits, shrimp, and cornbread. After dinner we went to a Lower 9th Ward community council meeting. The main focus of the meeting was bringing the community together and how to attract voters for the upcoming election season. After we got back to the house, Smitty, a friend of Thom and someone on the town council, came over and talked to us about his childhood and the history of slaves in NOLA. Tomorrow we will return to Lake Maurepas for our last work day of planting. Our theme for today was compassion and we saw that today from hearing the community’s stories and needs to better their lives.



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