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Our Return To Quishurani



09th of July, 2018


Peru '18

During our group reflection last night we shared our thoughts on our first week in Quishurani and everyone expressed excitement to return to this mountain village where we had begun forming relationships with community members and establishing a sense of place. We look forward to continued work with this community that welcomed us with warm hearts and joyous smiles last week. Below are a few thoughts from Michael about the week ahead:

After a day of rest in Urubamba where we visited the shop of artist Pablo Seminario and had an amazing lunch at Kampu, a local Peruvian-Thai restaurant, it is time to return to Quishurani. Everyone is extremely excited to go back up into the mountains and begin working with the Llama Breeders Guild. It was good to have some time off, but I’m excited to start helping people again and get back to the reason we came. We will help install a roof for one of our new friends, Rufino. Rufino prepared all of our meals in Quishurani and we have formed a strong bond with him. We will also be helping out another Quishurani local, and friend of Coqui’s, Bruno. This project will involve constructing a rock wall to help contain Bruno’s llamas during the day. Returning to the mountains will hopefully be easier this time as we have become acclimated to the altitude and are prepared and excited for the work ahead.

We will maintain contact with the SStS office via satellite phone throughout the week and will return to Urubamba next Saturday after 4 nights in Quishurani and a 1 night trek to the remote village of Cancha Cancha.



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