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New Generation Leadership (July 10)



12th of July, 2018


Kenya '18

Hello! Our day started off with an early morning breakfast of delicious crepes, bread, and hard-boiled eggs to prepare us for Dr. K’s conference about NGL. NGL stands for New Generation Leadership which is a program to inspire young generations to grow and become leaders in their communities and in the world.

This was a three-day conference condensed into one long day of learning. It was a very informative program that allowed us to understand more about ourselves and others through different aspects of how to become a leader.

We first learned about the benefits of mindfulness which is a way of relaxation throughout the body. It taught us about how our actions don’t just impact our lives, but the lives of everyone around us. Another thing we were taught was how we are supposed to be our own leaders and make our own decisions. In society, there are invisible systems, like bias and expectation, that allows other people to make your decisions for you, almost like you were a robot. But, we were able to see ways to become an individual with our own opinions and choices so we would be able to live happy lives that help not just us, but everyone we encounter.

After half of the day went by, we had our usual lunch of rice and beans with cabbage. Later that afternoon, we went back to NGL to learn more. Dr. K told us about her own story of not giving up so she could get to where she is today. It took her a few years, but she was able to create two successful foundations called KACH and IPI which have impacted so many lives.

Our night was filled with time to play with the kids. It was a mix of card games including spot it, and spoons. These games got very intense, but in the end, we all created so many memories. Along with cards, we were shown three magic tricks which were unbelievable. They just consisted of mind reading and completely flipping cards over without the use of hands. Even though the days at KACH are coming to an end, we have created so many memories that we know we will be able to look back on and never forget.

See you soon, Eleanor.



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