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Morning Mindfulness


Bobby F

03rd of July, 2019


Kenya '19

Getting up early at 6:30 and walking over to an eco center called Tiriji to do some mindfulness in Kenya is not something every rising senior can say they did this summer. We were in a large circle and did some very simple yoga poses that stretched out our bodies so that we could spend the day doing some serious work. That work mainly consisted of moving large stones and wheelbarrow full of damp sand. This mindfulness session with a certified yoga instructor and a reading from our host and founder of IPI, Dr. Karambu was very special. After our stretching with deep breathes Dr. Karambu told us to close our eyes and listen. We listened to the early birds chirping, wind blowing against the trees, and other animals making noises. Dr. K then asked us to take a ten minute walk around the eco center and take in everything we saw. I saw the day getting started and people already busy at work, rabbits ready for breakfast, goats that were named by me as “Tom” and “Brady”, and everyday life in Meru, Kenya. After a bell rung by Dr. K retrieved us to the lawn where we started from, and she read a passage from a book. The passage was about living in the present because that is all that we can control. Taking in all of what she read was a challenge, especially since we hadn’t had breakfast yet, but it was worth just taking in the beautiful morning. The day to come was packed with us layering more and more bricks to the foundation of a house, then going to a school designed for kids with autism and cerebral palsy. We’ve played with kids that are without parents to kids with severe autism. This really has been a fulfilling trip in these seven day.



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