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Arriving to Meru


Kenya 2019 Crew

01st of July, 2019


Kenya '19

For all those who freaked out yesterday from a day not blogged, I am here to say that we are all alive, well, and functioning. Yesterday was a very eventful day where we traveled from Nairobi to Meru on a six hour Kenyan bus ride. One bus was blessed with an alarm clock going off for two hours (thanks Izzy), while the other bus, well, as we said, what happened on the bus to Meru stays on the bus to Meru. At the end of the ride, we were lucky enough to play with some of the kids. Some of us played a game of soccer while others chased kids and picked flowers. Later that evening, we were invited to a bonfire were we limboed, danced, and took many pictures. Later that night, us girls soon realized that sharing a room with 10 girls would be messy, loud, and probably result in many sleepless nights. Let’s just say we are getting very comfortable with each other as we laugh 24/7 and filled a trash can full with candy wrappers.
After breakfast, we met with Dr. Karambu where she told us her story and we were all inspired by her words. We were struck by her dedication and passion for helping women who suffer from HIV/AIDS. She shared her struggle to get an education in the states along with growing IPI as we know it today. Did you know that she applied for 600-1,000 scholarships and only received 6!!! It’s crazy to see how she pulled all of this together. We soon took a tour of KACH and walked a 3 mile hike around the property and homestay areas. Just before dinner, we all sat down and made friendship brackets for each other and the kids. One kid Daniel even made me a friendship bracelet.



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