Developing Into A Family

Developing Into A Family


Amari and Jay

06th of July, 2018

Travel Journal

Tibet '18

Today, we started our day an hour early to try to get extra work done. The day went a lot smoother because we separated into more defined groups. We continued building up our first structure by using our concrete mix and cinder blocks. At the same time, we worked on our second project by pick axing and leveling the floor. We were pleasantly surprised by a big speaker from our main man Tenpa for some music. Unfortunately, we were delayed with rain so we had to take a break. Eventually, the rain stopped and we continued to work. Like always, we got a lot of work done before getting forced out by the rain again. To end the day, we all gathered upstairs to play games and eat. As the project continues to go on our group gets closer. We started off as a crew and developed into a family.



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