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Llama Pack Project


Who they are

The Llama Pack Project (LPP) began in 2012 when the founders noticed that Andean communities were disappearing due to a lack of economic opportunities. Many residents were forced to work in cities far from their homes in order to provide for their families. LPP utilizes these communities’ locations along parts of the Inca Trail frequented by tourists to address this problem.

What they do

LPP is working to reintroduce llamas as environmentally friendly pack animals that serve as resources for sustainable rural development and ecosystem conservation. They provide environmental education and vocational training to high-Andean communities, located at 10,500-14,500 feet above sea level, to give residents the necessary skills to pursue an attractive alternative to urban dwelling.

Why they do it

LPP works with agricultural and pastoralist communities that have limited access to schools and public health in an area that is suffering from environmental degradation. By providing access to healthy-living and illness- prevention education, increasing environmental awareness, and reintroducing the llama as a pack animal, they are able to improve the quality of life of the residents while conserving Andean mountain ecosystems.

SStS’s role

While in Peru, SStS participants will support the Llama Pack Project in their environmental education and conservation efforts. The group will teach environmental education in local schools and trek to an Andean community in order to engage in conservation efforts.

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