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Our Last Days at KACH


Bri and Sara Frances

13th of July, 2018


Kenya '18

*Please note that these posts were written earlier, but were posted once the group had the chance to access internet.

Hello everyone it’s Bri again! Today was amazing. Today we got to work as a team to help build a beautiful hut for the KACH family and community. I’m going to be honest with you guys, this wasn’t an easy experience. During this process we gather sand up to the construction site, carried rocks, climbed over rocks, and of course we all did this by working shoulder to shoulder with our Kenyan hosts!

Later on that day, as a community including some new visitors from Spain, we gathered up to go on a hike. We went on an adventure to see not only one but two waterfalls. The sight was amazing, discussions were inspiring, and everyone was just so helpful. When it was announced that we were going on a hike, I thought it was going to last hours and hours. Hiking to the waterfalls was literally 10 minutes lol. But the time didn’t matter — all that mattered was the time was spent significantly with each other.

Later that night SSTS was rewarded for great determination, having a positive attitude, and working together as family. During the rest of the night we laughed so hard at basically every little thing, we were almost on the floor it was so bad. I had the best opportunity to get to know every person during this trip, spend quality time, and had the chance of a lifetime to build amazing relationships with every single person. It stinks to say goodbye soon but I know I will always come back. -Love, Bri

We headed to TIRIJI (which means “abundance”) where we began our morning with a yoga class. We then learned about permaculture from Dr. K and learned more about TIRIJI. We had our final tea and chapati snack break, and then did agricultural work until lunchtime. We planted a variety of crops, and found huge grubs in the soil we worked with.

We had rice, stew and cabbage for lunch today. The, the group went to BLISS, a local high school in Meru. Each SStS student shadowed a student and attended their classes. We then met up back at KACH and had a group hug. Even our group hug in the peace hut brought us all a few tears. We had dinner, and then our farewell ceremony. Each kid said something about us and how they wished us well and wished us a safe journey.

Hearing everyone’s sweet voices and beautiful words brought tears to all of our eyes. Some cried more than others. When Joy (our KACH guide)made her speech, we all cried more than we had all night. She is such an incredible person. She is staying with us for our safari, but her words were still so moving. We each gave a goodbye speech which was hard to do without crying. Every one of us is so happy to call this place our home.

We all reflected on how grateful we are for this opportunity, and promised to return one day somehow. Each student is committed to making the most of the investment made in us throughout this experience — by our families and by Dr. Karambu and the entire KACH community. We took pictures with the kids and served dessert which we made: cake with chocolate drizzled over it and vanilla ice cream on the side. There was a bonfire that we sat around and sang by which was lovely. We returned to our room and heard one final goodbye speech from Fiona, one of our new lifelong friends. We cried one last time, (all tears are happy and sentimental tears), and then went to sleep. It was a great night!
Everyone sends their love home and We will see you all soon! -SF



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