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Hard at Work



07th of July, 2018


Kenya '18

Hi!! This is Zoe, and I’m thrilled to be journal girl for today. This morning, we walked back out to Tirji Eco Centre to begin our full day of work. We made an “assembly line” up the steep hill and passed giant rocks up to the top, where they’ll be used for the foundation of the future gazebo. Whenever a particularly large rock was being sent, someone at the bottom would yell, “incoming!” And there’d be a collective groan. We paused for maize and chapati, and went to KACH for lunch and rest. Some of the artists at KACH set up tables outside on the lawn, and we browsed around them. After our break, we went back to Tiriji to haul sand and rocks up the hill in pairs, which will be mixed into cement tomorrow. We’re so excited to get started building the gazebo! We came back to KACH for a bit of rest and playtime with the kids when they came back from school. After a dinner of rice with a tomato-base sauce, fish, and cabbage, we did our nightly yoga with the kids, which included the cha-cha slide. Kenya is incredible. Everyone hugged everyone goodnight. Everyone is made to feel welcome and like family, even after meeting barely a week before. We went up to bed, looking forward to another day of hard work and fun.



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