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Our Last Day in Mukli



30th of June, 2018


Nepal '18

* This post was written before the group finished their project. They have now left Mukli to begin several days of trekking in the Solukhumbu region before returning to the Kathmandu area in the middle of the week.

What’s up guys! Day 9 was our last day of work in Mukli. Before we started working at 9 am, we had a nice reflection on which cultural values in Nepal need preserving and what values we will try to take home with us. We mentioned the local people’s passion for life, the students’ curiosity, the communities sense of togetherness and above all, their happiness living a simple life. It has inspiring to see the happiness that our homestay families live with each day.

As we started working, some of us smashed rocks while others collected rocks and carried them for the workers building the foundation of the school. Class for the local students begins at 10 am, and students arrive throughout the morning. The ones who arrived early helped us with our jobs and it was fun interacting with them outside of the classroom. It was nice to see how enthusiastic the kids were doing these jobs. It reminded me of when I was younger and found joy in such simple things.

We took our usual juice break at 10:30 and then worked some more until lunch. After lunch, we broke into small groups and planned little lessons and games that we would do the next day while visiting students in their classrooms.

We finished our day playing volleyball. Sonam and Pasang (two TSW leaders) joined us. Tucker (group photographer) and some other members played tag with the local students. Watching everyone laugh and run and be together was awesome. Everything inside your heart just melts when you see the young students smiles.

After volleyball and games with he little kids, we returned to our homestay families. Dinner quickly passed as we were able to watch the World Cup again (Senegal vs Columbia) and share some jokes.

As I lie in my bed, excited for the fun activities tomorrow would bring, I knew that our trip would continues to only get better. As Sydney puts it “can’t wait for more fun”!



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