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Immigration. Deportation. Separation.



24th of July, 2019


US-Mexico Border '19

Immigration. Deportation. Separation. The wall. With each passing day these words take on more and more meaning both in further complicating how we view the issue and in deepening our understanding. Not only has this course challenged us intellectually, but the emotional aspect continues to arguably be the most difficult element to process. It is also easy to succumb to the sheer enormity of the situation. -Grace

The following is a summary of yesterdays itinerary (Molly & Mel)
Yesterday we went back to El Desayunador and everyone was able to try their hand at something different. Molly escaped the rice prison and set tables yesterday. Mel actually dispensed soap for the second day in a row because they loved it so much the first day. And Grace helped people call relatives from all over the world. Like a well-oiled machine, nothing changed from the day before other than our jobs. If you haven’t read the post from two days ago, go check it out.

After that, we had lunch at the hotel and Molly accidentally ate Audrey’s pasta. But we figured it out, because Bob ate Molly’s sandwich at dinner. Good thing all of the food was vegetarian. After lunch, we visited the Unified US Deported Veterans and there was a really cute rat dog. He really liked to scratch his head on Bob’s backpack which was totally not distracting at all during the presentation. But in all seriousness, we all learned a lot about an immigration topic not widely discussed.



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