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From strangers to family



07th of July, 2017


Nepal '17

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text letter_spacing=””]Today our group awoke back at the Shechen Guest House where we first started our trip in Nepal. Although the stay in this hotel is luxurious with hot showers and delicious food, it is also bitter sweet as it is the near end of our trip. Following a breakfast of pancakes and eggs, Shawn and Nikki hosted our 5th bead ceremony. For the group, this bead represented a moment from the trip that we hope to always cherish. It was incredible to have each person share a memory that touched their heart while having the group as a whole recollect on the amazing journey we shared.
In the afternoon, our group spent time at the Hope Home build by The Small World. This home provides shelter, food, support, and education to 30 young girls who have been rescued from abandonment or sex trafficking. When we arrived, each girl introduced herself by telling us their current grade and pointing out on a map where their home village was. It was truly inspiring to see the happiness and positivity radiate off of the girls’ faces as they shared their world with us. After we introduced ourselves with both our American and Nepali names, the young girls presented us with friendship bracelets that they made. As we hugged the girls in exchange for their gift, an instant connection of friendship had been formed between our group and The Himalayan Hope Home. The rest of the afternoon was spent dancing, playing games, and playing volleyball. It was truly incredible to look around and see the smiling faces of both the Nepali Children and our group as our two cultures mixed. I believe every member of our group will keep their bracelet as a reminder of the positive impact the Hope Home made on us.
Tonight we had our final dinner with The Small World Staff. As we ate, it was sad to think that this meal would be one of our last filled with the playful banter of our group. Throughout this trip, I have been thankful to have such a fun, caring and genuine group of kids to share my experience with. Although this group came together as strangers, the culture of Nepal has made us into a family.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]



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