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From Bocas del Toro



10th of July, 2022


Panama II '22

Hi from Bocas del Toro! We had a very exciting day at red frog beach! We played soccer and had a Sandcastle building competition! However, the most fun part of the day was playing lots of volleyball with some local kids at the beach Tomás and Emiliano. We had a nice dinner at a local restaurant and walked around the town of Old Bank. We also got some ice cream afterward! We ended the night with some group bonding and it was super fun! We are all just getting settled in and starting to feel really energized from our long two days of travel. Tomorrow’s our first day working with the community centers and we are so excited to get to know and connect with all of the kids. Our trip is just getting started and we are so excited to continue to update and share our experiences with all of you!



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