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Up In The Hill


19th of July, 2022


Panama II

Travel Journal

Today we started off with a very adventurous morning that consisted of a jungle hike to Up In The Hill. We learned a lot of interesting facts about Javier and Jeanettes farm including that bamboo grows about 1 foot a day and that pineapple grows in bushes! After learning about how the owners created their own permaculture from an 11 acre cow farm we enjoyed a delicious lunch up in the top of the jungle. A favorite was the banana and passion fruit covered with cocoa shavings!

Unfortunately some of us were unable to go to San Cristobol, so we all had a very good afternoon at the Basti community center playing with Legos and helping them with their English! To end the day off we had pasta night which is always a fun favorite! We’re heading off to bed getting ready for what will come tomorrow.




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