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Final Day in Salleri


Quinn L

23rd of June, 2024


Nepal '24

Our final full day in Salleri was one to remember. The day began with a delicious breakfast featuring banana pancakes which tasted like home. After breakfast we were lead on a hike by two local Nepali women who were extremely kind and well knowing of the area. The hike took around one hour and featured some very challenging and steep terrain which was made even harder to tackle given the altitude we are at. Along the way we took a break at a local school featuring 1st-3rd graders and enjoyed milk tea. As we observed the children in class it struck us that although we were thousands of miles away from home the scenes in the classroom were very similar to a classroom back in the states. The kids were full of joy while practicing their numbers and the alphabet. Also at this school was many other men from the village who were donating clothes to the children which was touching to witness.

After this stop we continued on to the Seeds of Hope farm area in which we were taught about the greenhouses (which were swelteringly hot inside) and the vegetables that grew inside of them. The greenhouses were a relatively new way of farming for this village, which resulted in a wider variety of crops. We were also in the presence of many cows, water buffalo, goats, and a very cute kitten. After the tour of the farm, we began the return hike back to our village. Some of us went out to play volleyball with some of the locals whose skill continues to amaze us. We then packed for our trek ahead, which we leave for in the morning. After packing, we joined together for another amazing meal to round out our last day here in Salleri.



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