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Exploring Kathmandu


Eliza L

18th of June, 2024


Nepal '24

The second morning here at the hotel in Kathmandu was quite different than the first. On the first morning, I did not know what to expect, but this morning I was full of reflection on the previous action-packed day and excitement for what was to come. The morning started on the rooftop restaurant, which has become our meeting place. It was humid from the nighttime rain and unexpectedly quiet.

Throughout our guided world heritage tours the past two days, I have been amazed by the noise that fills Kathmandu’s streets, from ringing bells (which we have learned is the language of the gods), to motorcycles zipping by shockingly close, it all feels very methodical and somewhat in harmony. The highlight of today were the meals, where we can bond all together and remind ourselves of our groups why. After visiting over 200 year old temples, intricately designed monasteries, and buying souvenirs from local shops, we ended the night at a rooftop restaurant glittered with fairy lights, prayer flags, and soft guitar music that served pizza that put any pizza I have had to shame. Although the highlight of the meal wasn’t the restaurant or the food, it was the people I was spending it with. Everyone laughed, shared stories, made connections, and it truly feels like this group is becoming a family. Tomorrow, we wake up at 6am to have breakfast and begin our drive to the Solukhumbu village, there are no words to describe how eager I am to see more of Nepal. Namaste!

-Eliza L



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