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Driving tour with Rollin


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18th of June, 2023


New Orleans

Today, around 10 am, we took an informative and fascinating driving tour with Rollin (a spokesperson from a local non-profit, Sustain the Nine). Caravan style, Rollin took us to three main sites: the flood wall that took on the biggest break during Katrina, the bayou, and overlook of the Mississippi River, and several stray barges (similar to the one that slammed into the flood wall post Katrina). Driving through some of the most tragic areas of impact and learning of the many attempts made to revitalize the Lower Ninth Ward was enlightening to say the least. Rollin’s perspective was especially significant in his repetitive accountability of all the bumps along the road in the New Orleans journey to recovery.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!!


~Varun Raju, Hannah Sullivan, Josepine Holmes, and Bella Marinilli



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