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Custom course modules are experiential, interactive units, facilitated by SStS in partnership with the classroom teacher.

Modules (one to two weeks long) are customized with the classroom teacher around relevant, timely topics, and built to meet the needs and learning goals of a particular class.

Bring experts into your classroom—along with curated readings, activities, and case studies—to create a dynamic “insert” into a traditional course. Teachers can choose their level of participation in the creation of the module.

Key features:

  • Dynamic: Mixture of small group discussions, activities, reflection questions, and independent research. 
  • Experiential: Global perspective provides a framework for local application.
  • Expert-Led: Classes have multiple opportunities to engage with a topic area expert live.
  • Practical: Curated resources and activities designed to engage students.

how it works:

  • Contact us about the topic in which you’re interested.
  • Meet with us to customize the topic around your schedule and learning objectives.
  • Decide on curriculum, activities, and final schedule.

To sign your class up for a custom course module please contact Bill Cotter.


Custom Course Modules

The Fourteenth Amendment

Historical and Current Leadership Challenges of Guaranteeing Equal Rights to Black Americans

Conservation: Cost or Benefit?

How can we reconcile environmental protection and human Prosperity?

US-Mexico Border in the Time of COVID-19

How Border Politics Have Been Affected by COVID-19

Ethical Leadership

Who Are My Neighbors and What Do I Owe Them



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