Covid-19 Updates

Updated February 2021


Risk management is central to Students Shoulder-to-Shoulder programming and while there is still much uncertainty about safety, programs, and schedules for Summer 2021 we have developed the following guidelines to evaluate program safety this summer.

Central guidelines for evaluating programs

  • Health of students, NGO partner communities, and instructors
  • Travel restrictions to destinations, including returning to the U.S. (for international programs)
  • Adherence to generally accepted health recommendations for group travel

Standards for all travel-based programming this summer

  • All members of a group are fully vaccinated against COVID-19
  • SStS is welcomed by NGO partners and deemed no risk to their communities
  • There are no travel restrictions to the destination country or for returning to the U.S. 

SUMMER 2021 registration

Though these guidelines are clear, the conditions for meeting them are not. It’s unknown if students will be fully vaccinated in time or if sites will be open. To provide some certainty within the uncertainty, we have scheduled multiple programs and provided a simple registration form for you to indicate your first and second choices. This form will hold your spot on a program with no financial risk at this time





This process puts all of us in a ready-to-go position should the above standards be met. We will contact you once you are registered with updates about the program(s) selected. Please be encouraged to email/call with thoughts and/or questions. In the meantime, please call up your highest level of caution and perseverance; the world awaits SStS to re-enter.  



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