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Conquering the Language Barrier



11th of July, 2019


Bolivia '19

Communication is key no matter the location or the situation. This becomes even more prudent when in a foreign country and a simple miscommunication can affect the entirety of the travels. Coming into this trip I was not extremely confident in my Spanish speaking but I have learned how even the simplest and most discombobulated sentences can get the point across. As a team we are able to combine our minimal Spanish knowledge in order to survive in Bolivia. We help each other to decipher the different signs, directions, and food combinations on the menus. On our lonesome, many of us would be lost in this country unable to communicate with the locals. If there was one member of our team that was fluent in Spanish everyone else would rely on that person and would not be able to immerse themselves in the culture. Each one of us has greatly improved our vocabulary and grammar in Spanish. The language barrier still exists and is evident day to day; however, this group of people is able to overcome the barrier better than I could have ever imagined.



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