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Buses and Boats!


Henry Dorsky

05th of July, 2016


Bolivia '16

We awoke from our slumbers quite early. We stuffed everything we could in our packs in preparation for the excursion to Isla Del Sol. Although we were tired, the lively city of La Paz was fully awake.

Our breakfast consisted of bread and corn flakes, a nutritious start to our day. The bus to take us to the ferry arrived right outside of the hostel. We boarded the bus, ready for a 3-hour ride. Around 2 hours went by, and we stopped on the shore of Lake Titicaca. We watched as our bus was transported across by boat, and we followed on a boat behind.

The drive from Lake Titicaca was unbelievable. Most of us had never seen a view so beautiful. As we drove through the mountains on our way to Copacabana, we stared down at the enormous lake and across at the mountains surrounding.

The group arrived in the thriving village of Copacabana where we ate a delicious lunch. We roamed the streets, curious of all the different shops the town had to offer. After, I could tell that we all loved it there, but it was time to load onto the boat that would take us to Isla Del Sol.
We sat on the top of the boat so that we could all gaze at the snowy mountains around us.
When the boat docked, we all jumped out of the boat. Unfortunately, the clean water pump from the hostel that we were originally going to be staying at broke. We could not stay there. However, there was another small hostel where we could stay for the night. Although we were eager to make it to our new hostel, the hike up just a few steps left us all breathless. It is interesting how easily winded you can get in such high altitude.

We loved our temporary hostel. It was cozy and had an amazing view of the lake and mountains right from our bedrooms. We ate a delicious dinner prepared by the owners of the hostel themselves. We sat as a group and reminisced about all our good times leading up to that day. Tomorrow, we will set out to reach our actual hostel. The hike is a mile or so. It will be hard, but we cannot wait.



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