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Bonding in the Swamp


20th of June, 2023


New Orleans

Today, our group woke up bright and early and prepared to go into the swamp. We had an early breakfast and then headed on our hour and a half drive out to the launch point on the lake. We split into groups on boats full of bags filled with California Bullrush. They scattered our groups all along the shore planting the grass. We worked in teams of two using a tool called a dibble and planted around 36 bags of grass. We faced many obstacles and fears throughout the day including deep mud, huge spiders, and alligators. Although it was a challenging day for us all, it really helped us deeply bond together and made memories that will last us a lifetime. We headed back towards our home but on the ride back we faced the obstacle of a powerful lightning storm that pushed our voyage back by a couple of hours. That left the group hungry, tired, and anxious so the only right answer was going to dinner at waffle house! In the end, we made it home safely and had a great but tiring day. 

~Yolanda Powell and Fernanda Fuentes





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