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Towards the End



15th of July, 2016


Nicaragua '16

Today, unlike any other day, was different for a change. Unfortunately, one of our group mates were unable to work along side of us because he has fallen ill. However, that did not stop us from helping the children. For the first time in two days, we were not greeted by heavy rainfall but a nice, comforting, warm sun. As we walked towards the first class of the day, kindergarten, we had to brace ourselves with the never ending energy that they have. Teaching with the kids always goes by too fast, because when you are having fun, you don’t pay attention to the time.

Although everyday we get to spend up to an hour with the children, I have already seen vast improvements. For instance, Randy, one of the first graders, at the beginning would always hesitate before giving his answer in English, now is able to say all of the colors of the rainbow in English without hesitation. I can see now how teachers enjoy their profession. Towards the end of the school day, I was able to walk some of the children home with a smile on my face, knowing that even though I cannot change Nicaragua as a whole, I can help the island of Ometepe.

I have to say, the kids always brighten up my day. Most of the children do greet me with a heartfelt “MATEO” and run up for a hug, or ask to climb on my back. Others joke around and have bestowed upon me the nickname of “Jasmina-Camina”. Although I sometimes correct them by saying my name is Mateo, at the end of the day, I still have fun with them.

As everyone returned to their rooms completely exhausted, about to take their naps, while I, the sole survivor, went out to the pier to read my book and enjoy the mesmerizing view of the volcano and the lake. As I read through my book, quiet, I kept on thinking about how difficult it would be to say goodbye. I am truly grateful that I decided to go on the Nicaragua trip, even though we were not able to stick with Project Woo.

Tomorrow is July 14, the Independence Day of my country, France, and I am excited to share my culture with the kind group that went on the trip with me, and the island of Ometepe. I can’t wait for the day ahead of me, regardless the time that I have left.




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