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Things I Never Expected



10th of July, 2019


Kenya '19

When I signed up for this trip I expected many things: cute kids, foreign animals, and long days of labor. However, I never expected spending 11 nights in a small room with 10 girls that I can now call my close friends. I never expected to find a gecko in our room at night nor did I expect to develop close relationships with the kids at KACH in a short period of time. Today was our second to last day at KACH. We started off our morning waking up at 7:00, which then consisted of walking over to Tiriji starting our day off with yoga. Trying yoga for the first time was a little hard to due to my inflexibility, but it was refreshing way to start the day off. After yoga, we began working on construction for the rest of the morning until lunch time. Then, in the afternoon Dr. Karambu shared with us more information about her journey, and we heard a young man’s life story. His story consisted of overcoming many obstacles from being kicked out of relatives home at a young age to not being able to eat for five days. Something I found fascinating was his eagerness for his education for himself and his little brother. He did everything he could to try and make money for school tuition. There is a lot more to the story, but the most important part is that he ended up at KACH and is a student at a University. He finally had a place to call home and he finally had someone he could call mom again, Dr. Karambu. It was a very emotional story that left most people crying. Although it was very heart wrenching, I will always remember what he went through. I will always be reminded of how grateful I am for everything that I have and nothing in my life will be taken for granted ever again. The rest of the day we played with children at KACH continuing to build relationships. Many of us have grown very close with the kids. They love to be chased or tickled. The smiles and laughs I have had with these kids makes my heart melt. This trip has been amazing and I have learned so much from everyone I have met. It is an experience I will never forget.



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