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The Small World


Who they are

The Small World (TSW) was founded in 2006 by Karma Sherpa, one of twelve siblings from a nomadic family. After receiving a donation from a kind-hearted traveler which enabled him to attend school, Karma decided to pay it forward by founding TSW. TSW consists of Karma Sherpa, his wife Sonam, and four Nepali staff who support their operations.

What they do

TSW supports locally-driven, sustainable community development projects that help to provide education for children and empower local communities to break the cycle of poverty. Their work is focused in three areas: girls’ education, women’s empowerment, and community development. TSW also constructs earthquake resistant schools and runs the Himalayan Hope Home for orphaned and abandoned girls.

Why they do it

Many Nepalese girls are unable to attend school due to cultural traditions and economic reasons. As a result, the literacy rate of the country’s female population is just 45%. By focusing on girls’ education, TSW is able to provide at-risk young girls with the education they need to support their children, families and communities. TSW also provides infrastructure to communities that are lacking basic services after suffering two devastating earthquakes.

SStS’s role

While in Nepal, the SStS group will work directly with TSW and local community members on construction projects using eco-friendly and earthquake resistant building techniques. Participants will also have the opportunity to build friendships with young women who have overcome incredible challenges in pursuing their education.

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