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18th of June, 2022


Panama I '22

18 June 2022
We are just over a week into our trip and honestly has been one of the best experiences of my life. I have tried so many new things, and have made so many new strong bonds with the kids in the group, and community centers. Today we went snorkeling and it was so cool. We saw so many different fish and coral. A few kids and I in the group took a break from snorkeling at one point and took a bunch of photos. We took a lot of silly ones that made us all laugh. Even though the community centers were closed we were able to see kids from the Bastimentos center. At the beach there was a guy cutting fruit for us and I was so excited to try the meat of the coconut, it was really good. I also enjoyed all the other fruits he cut. When we got back two of the kids I got really close with were hanging out with the group at the hammocks and drew self-portraits of everyone there. It was really nice to be able to connect with the kids even outside of the community center hours. When we went to go get ice cream we even hung out with more of the Basti kids at the swings near the ice cream. It always makes me so happy to see the joy on their faces when we hang out with them. I am so grateful to be on this trip and I do not want to think of it being halfway done. I also can not wait to see what the rest of this trip has in store and all the amazing memories that will be made.



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