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Live in the present moment



02nd of July, 2022


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Costa Rica I

Today started out as a bit of a disappointment when we learned that the Corcovado National Park had been closed and that we would not be able to go on our tour due to some weather that would be hitting Northern Costa Rica in the afternoon. We were informed by our instructors that we had to take the boat from yesterday and get off of the peninsula before the weather hit so that we would be able to get to San Jose in time for our flights. While I was sad we wouldn’t be going to the national park because I had been looking forward to it for a while, I was relieved that SStS had a back up plan to make sure that we were all safe. After a breakfast of Gallo Pinto, eggs, sausages, fruit, and pancakes, we got packed and then headed back through the jungle path from the hotel and jumped on the boat from yesterday to get us to our bus which would then take us to Uvita, where a hotel had been arranged for us to stay in. As we were departing from Drake’s Bay and leaving on the bus, our tour guide from the last week, Sandro, said something that made me feel less preoccupied with the mishaps from this morning: “No one knows what the future holds, so just be grateful for today and live in the present moment. Life is beautiful.”

I also left on a happy note when he told me that he would be happy to sponsor me at Rancho Quemado as a Biology intern and would put me in contact with some organizations in Costa Rica to learn with them and return to see everyone. That made me very happy and excited for all the future adventures to come. We then drove from Drake’s Bay to Rancho Quemado and got our things. We also got to say goodbye to some people a second time. Yesterday when we said our goodbyes to the family and everyone was hugging and crying, it still had not hit me that we were leaving this beautiful place. It was as I got back on the bus and looked out the window at the misty cloud forest for the last time, that I was able to let myself cry, but they weren’t all tears of sadness. Sandro’s words give me hope that there will be a next time, and that I will see all of these people and this magical place, again. After a roughly 3 hour bus ride, we arrived in Uvita at the same restaurant we visited on our first full day in Costa Rica.

Bill met us there, and I hope he wasn’t too upset that we cut his weekend short! We had a really yummy lunch of either plantain tacos, quesadillas, or chicken and rice. After that we drove all of one minute to our hotel which was right next door! We were thrilled to discover upon arrival and inspection of our rooms that we were met with a luxury: air conditioning! Then we all went down to the pool and hung out there for a while. The pool even had a slide! We were living the high life! After swimming we went back to our rooms for a bit, hung out and talked about our reflections, and had dinner with Bill, Ashley, and Enrique. We learned that it was Enrique’s birthday today, and we didn’t even know! He had been so gracious about driving us last minute on his birthday instead of spending it with his family, so we surprised him with a cake after our dinner of empanadas. I think we’ve all learned something from Ashley and Enrique about hard work and positivity. Tomorrow morning after breakfast we will head to San Jose for our final night in Costa Rica! I’m very sad to leave but at the same time I’m so excited to see my family after so long! And my puppy!!! See you guys soon!!!



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