Applications closed for 2024.

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Application for Financial Assistance

Students Shoulder-to-Shoulder (SStS) is an international non-profit organization. Once students are accepted into one of our courses, they can apply for needs-based, financial assistance, using a two-part application.

The first step is the completion of this form by the student and a parent/guardian helps to determine each family’s need.

The second step is a form completed by another adult (i.e. teacher, coach, mentor, supervisor, etc.) who is familiar with the applicant’s character and reliability.

NOTE: Financial assistance resources are limited. Scholarships tend to be less than 50% of tuition. Allocation of financial aid will begin in mid-February.

Financial Aid
Please state a specific dollar amount.
To be completed by the student. SStS also has a student fundraising guide available to support the efforts of interested students.
If you have questions regarding this expectation, please contact us.
To be completed by the student.

To whom should we send the additional recommendation form?

It should not be a family member or family friend.




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