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Different Points of View



02nd of July, 2016


Nicaragua '16

I’m sitting in a van, mind wandering around while I solemnly gaze at the rainforest flying by my window. Occasional bumps and potholes keep me awake. Housing projects start to come into view, unfinished and brightly colored. I’m feeling tired, I hope we’re there soon.

I’m leaning against a wooden gate, mostly surrounded by rainforest high up on a mountain. Except for 1 view. That is an incredible view of lake Managua; a crater lake surrounded by hills and mountains on every side. To the left of me, a huge rainstorm brews over the lake. The clouds start to rise up our side and evaporate; which cools the temperature as a warning of what’s to come. Then the heavens open up on us.

I’m peering over the edge of a concrete wall, close to the summit of another mountain. Or kind of a mountain 🙂 when I peer over the ledge I am greeted by a view of molten lava that takes my breath away. There are 2 types of lava; one that is a neon orange contrasting with another that almost seems navy blue. Every couple of seconds the colors clash against each other in a volcanic fury and splash up against the rock. While the lava is hundreds of yards below us, the experience is so crazy that I feel like I am right next to it. The mesmerizing color-clash creates billowing clouds of smoke that eventually blend into the clouds.

I’m sitting in a “living room” in the hostel in Granada. Noisy 20 somethings gather among themselves, but there is a calm and serene feeling in the room that makes it easy to write. I overhear, “savor these moments because these moments can last a lifetime.”



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